jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

what a whispering sprinkle of life revealed

And the illusion veils the truth
and the truth unveils the illusion,
what a playground twisted reality we recreate
trough the tinkling perception

Meanwhile the opening eyes grows
into our awareness bones
the uncertain proves
that we are alive
and keeps us walking 
by the blackviolet's corridor
that the heart beat's mark
and with every pulse of energy freed
reminds us the ancients forest of our soul
of the wildflowers of the land
that receives us 
and transforms the trends of history
towards the solidarity's world
we want to create
where all people expouse
the color of the skin
with a smile upon the face
as the petals of a margarita
dances with the wind.

as we build that other precious world
what is worth to belive is 
that you can breathe and touch humanity 
in those that you embrace 
standing still in hope.

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